Individual Support

Individual support

If assistance is required for individual support needs, please call 1300 020 615 or email  

Job Trainer Australia offers individual needs assistance. This may include alternative arrangements for delivery and assessment processes, in order to meet the needs and outcomes of the student (Flexibility) for the courses/units being offered.

Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital (LLND)

All students who advise Job Trainer Australia of their individual learning needs will be provided with the appropriate support and guidance with the aim of assisting the student to obtain competency in the unit undertaken.

The support provided by Job Trainer Australia will be within the principles of fairness and flexibility of workplace assessment. 

To determine and support a student’s suitability to complete online learning, students will be provided with a Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital (LLND) assessment upon registration. 

Satisfactory completion of the assessment (3 or more correct answers) is an entry requirement for admission into any course or unit.

The results of the short LLND assessment will be provided to Job Trainer Australia and will be used to flag students who require additional support. These students will be provided support as required by Job Trainer Australia trainers and assessors.

In addition, you will be provided with the opportunity to declare individual support needs in this area. JTA will contact you upon submission of the Individual Support needs request form as part of the enrolment process.




Learning Skills Required

To ensure you receive an adequate level of support with your training and assessment, please consider the following questions.

▶ Do you consider yourself to have any disability, individual support needs, reading or writing difficulties that may have an impact on your ability to complete this online course?

Do you believe you have the literacy skills to read and interpret documents such as:

▶ Identification (ID) cards?

▶ Proof of age cards and driver’s licences?

▶ Statutory signage and warning signs?

Wording within advertising or promotional material, such as in-house policies and procedures and any other general plain English regulatory and advisory information issued by local, or state and territory liquor licensing authorities.

▶ Do you believe that you have the numeracy skills to measure and calculate standard drinks or samples and calculate blood alcohol levels to determine alcohol consumption?

If you are not confident that you will understand any of the components of this online training, contact Job Trainer Australia on 1300 020 615 or email

In some cases where an individual need is identified, reasonable adjustment in either the training and/or assessment program can be made to meet that requirement however this will incur additional costs for trainer’s time and/or software which will be at a cost charged to the student. 

Job Trainer Australia will identify and make recommendations for possible assistance and provide costing for the student’s consideration prior to accepting the student’s Registration.

Should the student accept further support an individual support plan will be developed.